Morsi Pr

Strategic Communications

We believe high touch rules! Our team develops external and internal communication strategies that broaden reach and expand organizational impact. Helping you build solid relationships and industry positioning. Through close collaboration, we guide your critical conversations and build online and offline presence. We help you develop and execute communications and external relations plans in support of your priority partnerships, policies and philosophies.

Crisis Management

When a crisis or issue does arise, we provides tailored rapid response execution support along with analysis and counsel through dynamic situations. We manage immediate crises and formulate rigorous contingency plans to ensure that clients are prepared to deal with other developments. We can customize the type and level of support and guidance during a crisis to meet the client’s needs, from baseline to comprehensive support.

Media Relations

We offer specialist media and offline public relations services for a variety of sectors and aims to provide a high quality service with a return on investment.

Our experienced team takes an objective look at your business and offers a bespoke strategy to suit the clients’ individual needs.


As brand consultants, we work to bring the latest and greatest approaches to the mix in order to ensure our clients and their brands are sharing the right story. Invest in your company; enlist the help of some experts. Start the right way and see how your ROI is positively affected.


Content drives just about every decision we make today. It’s no wonder that high-quality content is in high demand.

Go back and read that last sentence again. High-quality content. That is what’s most important.


  • Press kit development
  • Social media consulting
  • VIP Lounges
  • Brochure and Catalog creation
  • Brand/Product Launches
  • Grand/Store openings
  • Press Release (Paper/Electronic) – Writing & Distribution
  • Press Events – trips, conference, breakfast, press days